The Sugar Tax Debate

The worldwide attempt to reduce obesity has been given the ‘thumbs up’ by a few forward-thinking fiscal departments in several countries, with South Africa recently joining the fight against obesity. The proposed Sugar Tax Law – which argues for a 20% tax to be imposed on carbonated, sweetened beverages overall–, has been touted as a…

Preparing for a “hassle free” audit

By Wendy Simmons, Audit Manager at Hobbs Sinclair I love my job! I know that this is not usually heard from a stereotypical “little grey (wo)man in the corner” accountant (or worse, auditor), but I really do!  I love the challenges, I love the interaction with clients, and I love seeing a client develop from…

Compliance is the new tax planning

If your tax advisors are still in the business of finding loopholes to lighten your tax load, your tax planning tactics are out of date. SARS has spent the last two decades and vast resources closing down tax schemes and structures that companies and individuals were using to minimise their tax burden. A more cost-effective tactic that SARS adopted in combating tax evasion was to lower the effective tax rate to a rate acceptable to the taxpayer, at the same time increasing the penalties for misbehaviour.

Managing accounts – the story of numbers

I understand that not everybody loves working with numbers and that some people are bored to tears pouring over financial statements, which are often prepared by the company’s financial or administrative person and are usually filled with irrelevant detail. The truth is, a good set of management accounts should be everyone’s responsibility – making sure that all aspects of business are covered.

Team Mauritius

When investing into Africa, some are of the opinion that companies and investors should not be using off-shore tax structures to avoid paying tax in Africa as this dilutes investment, and minimises income in countries that need it most. However, Mauritius proves it is a good course to consider, and a credible one at that, if the sheer numbers of investors are an indication

The Culture of Making a Profit

Many businesses, especially start-ups or relatively young businesses, make the mistake of not developing a culture of profit-making from day one. A profit culture is one that puts the need for profit at the centre of all decision-making with an understanding that every rand that the business spends needs to have a return.

The Why of Accounting

Why do you need an accountant?  When I ask this question, the response is usually pretty much the same – everyone has their own perception of what we do and how we do it, but seldom do they know why we do what we do.